Our Values


For many, they are just words. Read below to see how Xplore Albania lives and breathes its mission statement.

  • Quality of product & value for money: Countless hours are spent ensuring that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed to ensure that we bring you tours that are of exceptional value. The delicate balance is to ensure that all tour costs are covered, all unforeseen incidents catered for, trucks are busy and that there is continual reinvestment to ensure that our tours continue to grow from strength to strength, while still delivering our guests a tour that they couldn’t have done for less themselves.
  • Responsibility & accountability: Every staff member at Xplore Albania is responsible and accountable for their actions, whether to our teams or to our guests. Our responsibility to you is to provide an exceptional service and product from your initial contact with us until you are happily home after a trip of a lifetime. We rely on a comprehensive feedback system from our guests to ensure that we hear your compliments and concerns and continually do all in our power to improve our tours.
  • Fun & adventure: This is the easiest part of our promise to you as we have got our work cut out for us by having The Balkans as our destination of choice. No matter which tour you decide to travel on, there will be epic adventure at your fingertips and our guides will ensure that you have a fun time on tour.
  • Service excellence & efficiency: We are extremely proud to be 100% Albanian owned and managed. Living and working every day in Albania means that our finger is directly on the pulse of the country and region, and we can carry out quick implementations if required. This ensures you receive the best of what Albania and The Balkans has to offer with the comfort of knowing that you are travelling with the best connected local operator. We are committed to create sustainable tourism. This means that we do try diversify our local partners in order to more equally raise the monetary income of those families. Our belief is to grow local communities in order to improve quality of life.